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Friday, April 16, 2010

Cleaning Black Cars

How to Clean Windows:

Instructions Things You’ll Need White vinegar Water Spray bottle Newspaper Chalkboard eraser you will Wait until nighttime. Cleaning warm windows or windows exposed to the sun may result in unexpected streaks or spots after the cleaning.

Find black and white printed newspaper.

Fill a spray bottle with 1 part white vinegar and 3 parts clean, cool...

How to Makeover a Car for Teens:

I think you will Take the car to get cleaned and detailed.

Get the full treatment for your car including wash, wax and a deep interior cleaning and If you choose to have your car detailed, the shop can buff out any scratches on the body as well.

Install seat covers.

You can make a big difference in your car by purchasing seat covers. Choose basic black or buy covers with fun...

Cleaning the Fuel Injector on a 280Z:

Instructions Things You’ll Need: Extra fuel line Pressurized solvent equipment Fuel injector solvent Helper Ratchet set .

Using a ratchet set, disconnect the fuel line that leads away from the fuel pump and Use the extra fuel line to tie it into the fuel-return line that comes back from the engine. Connect the hose from the pressurized solvent system to the end of the......

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Monday, April 12, 2010


Your car may be the second largest purchase you make in your life. You should take your time and not let it become an impulse decision.
Before you go out browsing car dealer lots consider the following:How will I use my new car, truck or sport utility vehicle? A mini-van will fit fine in a large family but might be out of place in a singles life.
Do you go off-road a lot but still like to carry more than 1 passengers, go for the SUV.
Trucks have come along way with most comforts available in today’s truck rivaling luxury cars.
But do you really need that to carry construction equipment to the job site? If you do not go off-road, do not buy a 4 wheel drive truck.
The extra weight will only decrease gas mileage and increase maintenance costs. Afraid of the snow? Look to the variety of AWD vehicles on the market which provide excellent traction in the snow and also more economical operation. Take a serious look at your life and find the vehicle that most compliments your lifestyle.
choose your favorit Color . This is a personal preference but rational can come into play. In warmer climates, a lighter colored car will stay cooler.
Certain cars are easier to keep clean. White and black are the worst while tan, silver, and brown hide dirt quite well.
Interior options. Do you need the heated seats? Well that depends on where you live and how much winter driving you do. Leather seats can be unbearable in the summer months and generally harder to maintain. The premium sound system might be a great idea if you do, however if you only listen to talk radio then the standard system will be more than enough.
Insurance rates. Take into consideration the insurance rates before you start your car buying quest. A Honda may be significantly cheaper to insure than the Ferrari that caught your eye last week. Talk with your insurance agent to find out about how cars are classified. Sports cars generally raise premiums while family cars tend to lower them.
Who will service the vehicle? Having a dealership close by can be a blessing. If there are no dealerships nearby, buy a domestic car which most mechanics can work on. It is also important to examine the warranty offered before making a decision.I hope the few comments and suggestions above have given you some things to think about. Never rush into a new or used car purchase. Always take some time to think it over. If it helps, get out a piece of paper and write down the pros and cons of all the vehicle you are considering. Writing down this information is often all you need to get you thinking practically and on your way to making a good selection.
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