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Saturday, June 20, 2009

How to Making the Export Decision

Exporting is crucial to America's economic health.
Increased exportsmean business growth, and business growth means more jobs. Yet, only asmall percentage of potential exporters take advantage of theseopportunities. It is critical for U.S.A businesses to think globally. However,you may have discovered your company is already competing internationally-- foreign-owned companies are competing with you in your "domestic"markets. The division between domestic and international markets isbecoming increasingly blurred. Your business cannot ignore internationalrealities if you intend to maintain your market share and keep pace withyour competitors. Making the export decision requires careful assessmentof the advantages and disadvantages of expanding into new markets. Oncethe decision is made to export, an international business plan isessential. This chapter presents the advantages and disadvantages ofexporting and offers a sample business plan.

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